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Oliver Fluck - Photography
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Online Shop
I would like to write a few lines here to introduce you to this section of my website, but I'm a bit undecided what to tell you.

It was never my intention to make money with photography. So far I made about as much as I need to pay my equipment, so that's a good thing.
Recently I got contacted by several companies who said: "Hello, we love your work and would like to sell it for you online". I picked two of them which turned out to be very cooperative.
The companies I chose to work with are '', based in Hamburg and 'CCPrint' from Frankfurt. Both of them produce fantastic looking prints.

So this what I call "Shop" here is basically a listing of images that link to the places where you can buy them. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

**************** New Highlights ****************

Times Square Rush
Limited edition of 100. Acrylic glass finish. Available in various sizes starting at
€ 368.
$ 599.

Sales: Unseen Media

Rat's View - Chrysler Building
Limited edition of 100. Acrylic glass finish. Available in various sizes starting at
€ 331.
$ 514.

Sales: Unseen Media

Limited edition of 100 in various sizes and finishes. Starting at
€ 47.
$ 73.

Sales: Unseen Media